PHIL: Promote Health and Improve Languages
Duration: 36 months
Prevention and promotion of health habits are a real need in today’s society to improve the quality of life and to delay health problems. It is usually difficult to change adult’s bad habits and education provides the tools and procedures which will make the change easier. Adults may lack the confidence, resources or knowledge to find information on their own so it is important to create the right contexts to improve the situation.
Linguistic skills are very important to communicate in nowadays wide European context so multilingualism is a great opportunity to open doors to other worlds, identities, possibilities and purposes. Promoting lifelong language learning inside and outside the school provides the opportunity to live in a Europe without borders.
It is also true that nowadays new technologies are part of our everyday lives and one of the most effective ways of dissemination. As most adult learners are digital migrants, they need a lot of support in this field so ICT will be used along the life of the project. In fact, an online Application (‘App’)in different languages will be developed at European level which will be a very effective motivating tool to engage users.
In this exchange of good practices, the approach between different countries and backgrounds will help us build up common European measures of awareness of prevention and the need of healthy habits.
– To increase awareness of importance of prevention and healthy habits
– To break false myths about nutrition and health
– To develop critical thinking about the topic of health
– To develop strategies to improve our lifestyle
– To create authentic contexts for linguistic exchange
– To improve linguistic abilities
– To create innovative didactic materials
– To improve ICT skills
– To promote equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, disability and race
Our target groups are staff/teachers and a wide range of adult learners with different motivations towards the learning process, from different social, cultural, professional, economic backgrounds, with different abilities and educational needs.
The partnership brings together the expertise of different adult education institutions and approaches. The participant institutions are:
– EOI Ferrol: state languages school for adult learners, coordinating institution, Ferrol-Spain
– Università delle LiberEtà del F.v.g.: international centre for permanent education Udine-Italy
– IMSC : NGO: Information, Exchange and Education centre, Kelme-Lithuania
– Jazykova skola Palisady 38, state languages school in Bratislava-Slovakia
– Střední škola zemědělská a veterinární Lanškroun: acredited adult education secondary school for agricultural studies , Lanškroun-Czeck Republic
– CIFP Anxel Casal: Public Vocational School with Higher Education and VET, Coruña-Spain
So in this strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices, each partner’s contribution is essential to achieve common goals as they bring in a different complementary piece to this European puzzle with their expertise (Ferrol-Spain+Slovakia: language teaching and creating materials, Italy: physical and mental wellbeing, Lithuania: ICT, Czech Republic: bioagriculture and healthy bio food and Coruña-Spain: Health and Social Care Education).
Towards the common framework of measures, our main products will be website, health action protocols, online ‘ App’ and innovative didactic materials in different languages, virtual net of communication, training sessions webinars, more awareness of prevention and good health habits changing attitudes towards them in a positive way.
Activities include workshops, training sessions, webinars, video calls, talks, debates, exhibitions, tastings, celebration of health and food days,blended mobilities and exchange of communication through virtual net. In the process, there will be a lot of searching, comparing, contrasting, creating, disseminating, training, informing, critical thinking, acquiring knowledge, making decisions, learning by doing.
The methodology will be motivating, practical and collaborative in which work teams of staff and learners will work together encouraging both individual and group responsibilities to build up common goals. The approach will be inclusive at all times, contributing to lifelong learning from a practical active critical and creative point of view.
It will have a wide impact in the participants who will improve their social linguistic and ICT skills and their awareness of the importance of health and prevention, they will enrich at personal and professional level, will benefit from the free innovative didactic materials and the online ‘App’ available for free use and download, shared with all organizations, institutions, schools interested in them. This will guarantee sustainability not only for the participants but for the public in general in the lifetime of the project and in the future.