PHIL: Promote Health and Improve Languages
Duration: 36 months
Prevention and promotion of health habits are a real need in today’s society to
improve the quality of life and to delay health problems. It is usually difficult to
change adult’s bad habits and education provides the tools and procedures which will
make the change easier. Adults may lack the confidence, resources or knowledge to
find information on their own so it is important to create the right contexts to
improve the situation.
Linguistic skills are very important to communicate in nowadays wide European
context so multilingualism is a great opportunity to open doors to other worlds,
identities, possibilities and purposes. Promoting lifelong language learning inside and
outside the school provides the opportunity to live in a Europe without borders.
It is also true that nowadays new technologies are part of our everyday lives and one
of the most effective ways of dissemination. As most adult learners are digital
migrants, they need a lot of support in this field so ICT will be used along the life of
the project. In fact, an online Application (‘App’)in different languages will be
developed at European level which will be a very effective motivating tool to engage
In this exchange of good practices, the approach between different countries and
backgrounds will help us build up common European measures of awareness of
prevention and the need of healthy habits.